CIDCO'S Online Plan Approval System (COPAS)

We are migrating COPAS application to a different server on Friday, 9th March 18 at 5 PM. COPAS application may not be accessible from Friday, 9th March 18 at 5 PM till further notice.

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Automation of the technical scrutiny, quick processing and disposal of building permissions, effective monitoring of file processing and enhancement of citizen services will be achieved through COPAS. The main goals that CIDCO would achieve through the implementation of COPAS are:
  • To create easy access to services of CIDCO for all the stakeholders
  • To make existing processes more efficient by reducing the time consumed in file movement
  • Easy access to information for citizens
  • Efficient and better MIS systems for improving the internal efficiency of operations       
  • For further details kindly refer the User Manual
Permission Process
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GDCR and Rules to the GDCR
User Manual
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